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St Ebba's TREC 2006

At Epsom RDA, St Ebba's Farm, Hook Road, Epsom, Surrey, KT19 8QW on Sunday 10 September 2006

In support of Epsom Riding for the Disabled Association

St Ebba's TREC 2006 Results

These are the results in each class for the St Ebba's TREC 2006, showing placing and overall score for all three phases.

Level 1 Individuals

1 329 JI
2 271 JB
3 246 MJ
4 199 DS

Level 1 Pairs

1 581 VW + JH
2 574 VC + NC
3 537 GN + JP
4 492 MR + KH
5 390 JL + WBC
6 335 GC + DK
7 319 AL + HL
8 303 PH + JN
9 287 AO'B + PS
10 277 LU + MK
11 237 AB + KE
12 233 HR + PH
13 82 JW + DW
14 21 SR + AW
15 (161) SM + JH

Level 2 Individuals

1 270 BC
2 258 AR

Level 2 Pairs

1 495 AL + CB
2 385 CG + JP
3 344 MO'B + KD
4 219 JE + PT

Level 1A Individuals

1 147 CW
2 115 DC

Level 2A Individuals

1 265 AT
2 242 DN
3 107 MS
4 64 KK
5 53 JT
6 27 PI

Level 2A Pairs

1 244 CH + CW
2 239 HD + JG
3 9 KT + GP

Photos from the St Ebba's TREC 2006

There seem to be few photos available this year. Any connection between certain of the photos below and a horse owned by the organiser of this year's TREC is not entirely coincidental.


footbridge gate jump
MS + Hobo at footbridge MS + Hobo at gate MS + Hobo at jump
descending the bank the bank
JI + Jock Scotch Broth descending the bank GN + Waterford Bay on the bank

St Ebba's BHS TREC POR report by Anita Thomas

Pens at the ready, Level 2A competitors entered the Map room, to be given their first conundrum straight away — a grid reference test which involved locating point A and point B (from given grid references) to find point C located on the marked route on a bearing from point A and a given distance from B. Marking the route and locating C meant the 10 minutes in the Map room disappeared very quickly.

Leaving the St Ebba's site via the Pegasus crossing, competitors took the scenic route to Horton Country Park avoiding the busy roads. Straight forward navigation took riders around the golf course to the first "tricky bit". Riders had to be very eagle-eyed to spot a well concealed gap in the hedge which took them off the main path and into the field. Low branches and ditch negotiating skills were put to the test here. Competitors who missed this turn also missed the ticket located soon afterwards on the field side of the hedge.

Onwards to the 2nd checkpoint which included the river crossing — a rather spooky crossing down a steep bank and cast in shade from the overhanging trees, then back over a narrow bridge leading your horse. Riders had an opportunity here to double check the instructions given in the map room to locate point C where they had to answer "what large body of water can be seen from point C". From the map the answer looked like it would be the lake north of "Sixty Acre Wood", however this lake wasn't named on the map and many competitors were heard asking if anyone knew the name of this "large body of water"!

For competitors that waited to reach point C (on the road at the foot of the hill just before the 3rd check point) they would have known that the reservoir was not visible from that point and was in fact a red herring! The correct answer was the blue swimming pool in the garden of Virginia Cottage. Unfortunately (for the competitors) the checkpoint was just 100m further up the road so if they didn't stop at point C there was no opportunity to turn round and double check.

After the 3rd Checkpoint it was a short section to checkpoint 4 where competitors had to negotiate the bank and ride up, ride down. Then one minute before the off Rob Billson handed out the bearings test.

Competitors had to navigate to a given grid reference through Great Oaks Wood before commencing the bearings and so were allowed to keep their maps. Those riders trying to take a short cut to the grid reference came unstuck as they found the exits onto the bridleway barred — sticking to the marked route was the only option here.

From the grid reference the bearings started — no comfort factor here as the bearings took competitors across fields and along hedge lines. The first test of accuracy came early when riders had to follow a hedge line for 90m then take a bearing of 200 degrees across an open field. It wasn't until you were half way across the field that you spotted the three tickets in the hedge line in front of you. Some competitors picked the correct ticket — the middle one — only to forget to write the second one down as they passed it heading west on the next bearing.

Still following hedges and bearings across open fields competitors had few comforters to confirm they were on the "right track". It wasn't until near the end and mention of an "Oak Tree" that competitors knew they were going well(?!). Then through a field opening and a 90m bearing across a field. Competitors that didn't measure the 90 metres accurately didn't realise that they had to ride through the scrubby bit of hedge and turned north too soon . This was an expensive mistake as Trevor and Carol Dolby-Brown popped out of the bushes to inform you of "wrong entry"!

After the stress of the bearings competitors headed homeward through Sixty Acre Wood. The route then passed through the overflow car park of Chessington World of Adventures before receiving very welcome refreshments for horse and rider at checkpoint 6 amid the screams of people riding on the rollercoasters.

The final section took competitors across Rushett Lane to skirt Epsom Common — the site of much consternation at last years TREC — but this year simpler navigation past the ponds and anglers to cross Christ Church Road and heading back north to Horton Country Park. POR cards were then exchanged for lovely multipointed star rosettes.


St Ebba's BHS TREC Social Evening, PTV and CoP report by Jenny Snowdon

PTV course finally built and, lots of eager competitors waiting to walk it with Joy Taylor, our BHS TD, I scuttled off to make sure that everything was ship-shape for this evening's festivities!

An hour later, I was handing out Bucks Fizz to thirsty course walkers and listening to everyone's comments on the course, while Andrew and Garry dished up dinner to 82 hungry people and there was a pleasant buzz of everyone chatting, relaxing and enjoying themselves.

After our meal, the raffle was drawn — 88 was raised for Brooke Hospital for Animals and the line dancing began, This proved to be a popular form of entertainment with some 30 guests working off their meals!

Up bright and early on Sunday morning, the PTV started at 9am. The first obstacle was Low Branches, this year enclosed on both sides, so that there were no sideways escapees! Then, onto the Maypole, where there were few problems. This was followed by the Rein Back and then on to the first of two jumps. The Corridor was placed at a very awkward angle after the first jump, so that you had to have a very supple and obedient horse to go straight into it. Most people elected to ride straight past and approach it again. If you weren't looking where you were going, it was very possible to wrong route here and go straight into the Bending. Fortunately, only a few competitors did wrong route here! Most went back across the field to the Footbridge — a large and somewhat daunting obstacle, quite a lot of horses thought. This was followed by an Offside Dismount, losing points for the horse not remaining still and not dismounting cleanly. The S-Bend followed on, this year flanked by brightly coloured flower windmills, which many horses found alarming! Then back to the Bending, around the edge of the field to the second jump and go through the Gate, which was beautifully balanced, although a little narrow to make it an easy obstacle to finish. The CoP followed on from the PTV, a short one, being only 83m, but awkwardly shaped following three sides of a small field, with lots going on all around!

The remaining five obstacles were to be found on the POR as described by Anita.

Very well done to everyone who competed and a huge Thank You to all our Judges, Stewards and Helpers without whom this event wouldn't have happened.


Enquiries to Jenny Snowdon, tel: 07958 407594 email: jenny.snowdon@btopenworld.com

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