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St Ebba's TREC 2008

At Epsom RDA, St Ebba's Farm, Hook Road, Epsom, Surrey, KT19 8QW on Sunday 14 September 2008

In support of Epsom Riding for the Disabled Association

Carol and Emily Dolby-Brown Pharoah + Berbi

Carol and Emily Dolby-Brown riding Pharoah and Berbi await the off at checkpoint 2 (the Rubbing House): but where's the path?

St Ebba's TREC 2008 Results

These are the results in each class for the St Ebba's TREC 2008, showing placing and overall score for all three phases. Links to photos where available: please advise if wrongly labelled. If you do not wish your photo to appear on this page, please let me know. More detailed results for each phase are available for download (pdf).

Level 1 Individuals

1 380 Caroline Bowers / Rosie Posie
2 332 Julie Bass / Bb
3 295 Liz Beddows / Polly
4 291 Kelvin Bray / Humphrey
5 267 Hazel McGoff / Troy
6 194 Sarah Gray / Cosmic Chaos
7 188 Jane Cullis / Mabel
8 180 Angie O'Brien / Lubaba
9 171 Michelle Kettle / Sapphire
10 156 Kathryn Lynn / Sir Frederick
11 92 Helen Campbell / Pablo Picasso

Level 1 Pairs

1 784 Tessa Baylis / Proud Possession
1 784 Graham Clack / Edward
2 668 Andrea Pearce / Ben
2 668 Helena Levett / Bruni
3 622 Jackie Barker / Mr Rafferty
3 622 Linda Holmes / Belgium Boy
4 584 Jane Gowing / Harry
4 584 Stella Fuller / Ricky
5 559 Gail Brownrigg / Limelight
5 559 Catherine Kirk / Toby
6 549 Jo Lee / Ozzie
6 549 Wing Bo Chan / Strathmore Moss
7 525 Lissy Ungaretti / Vordis Oakfield
7 525 Denise Brant / Heida
8 523 Sue Quarendon / Dennis
8 523 Sue Saunders / Indian Moon
9 517 Ann Bennett / Hullabaloo
9 517 Karen Eyre / Carrie
10 497 Carina Macklin / Seamus
10 497 Nicola Clarke / Dida
11 457 Hannah Bray / Figgi
11 457 Brenda Bray / Lilly
12 434 Jane Cook / Uplands Crystal
12 434 Christine Supiot / Carnaera
13 392 Catherine Lillington / Tigger
13 392 Paula Hynes / Finn Mccuil
14 332 Emma Houslander / Bruno
14 332 Angela Wood / Murphy
15 326 Suzanne Harrison / Chloe
15 326 Val Worthington / Rory
16 301 Ruth Lewis / Jasper
16 301 Nicky Deakin / Verech Du Temple
17 222 Ann Songhurst / Jack Daniels
17 222 Anne Colgate / Akhu-Ra
18 124 Judith Dunn / Victor
18 124 Rosemary Major / Little Man
19 21 Linda Jordan / Tizzi
19 21 Honor Marshall / Cormack

Level 2 Individuals

1 259 Wendy Wright / Tobinstown
2 72 Chris Denniston / Harriet

Level 2 Pairs

1 581 Martina Slater / D'Abernon Gazzer
1 581 Lisa Cahill / Master Marley
2 455 Rosslyn Dixon / Danny
2 455 Laurie Smith / Andy's Blue Too
3 443 Ann Rillie / Juturna
3 443 Caroline Dorey / Cloon Joker
4 380 Ri Levett / Snegla
4 380 Jet Ogden / Dylan
5 356 Carol House / Sonny
5 356 Clare Whatley / Martha
6 249 Carol Dolby-Brown / Pharoah
6 249 Emily Dolby-Brown / Berbi
7 202 Janice De La Mare / Jess
7 202 Donna Leavens / Aj
8 145 Julian Best / Max
8 145 Lynn Necchi / Rachael
9 (328) Jon Wallace / Cooper
9 (328) Deirdre Wallace / Stumpy

Level 3 Individuals

1 374 Anita Thomas / Indiana James
2 301 Kate McMorris / Seadown Magic
3 217 Kay Kitson / Jack
HC N/A Di Skippon / Cherie

Level 3 Pairs

1 523 Mary Weston / Cathelyd Black Boy
1 523 Helen Weston / Barley Venture
2 501 Clare Reynolds / Starlight Sylvester
2 501 Jane Scott / Nebraska
3 412 Ali Large / Paramount
3 412 Julian Brown / Eagle
4 409 Kim Nairn / Radar
4 409 Wendy Jeans / Eno

Photos from the St Ebba's TREC 2008

These photos were taken at check point 2 (the Rubbing House) and the manned ticket beside Epsom Lane North. Sorry, only early departures available. Higher resolution files available on request. Photos are labelled with the competitor number or numbers. Please advise if wrongly labelled.


+ + +
57 57 57
+ + +
60,61 60,61 59,64
+ + +
59 64 62,63
+ + +
65,66 65,66 65,66
+ + +
68 67 67
+ + +
67 69,70 69,70
+ + +
69,70 69,70 69,70
+ + +
72 71,72 80,81
+ + +
76 75,76 82,83
+ + +
82,83 82,83 82,83
+ + +
79 77,82,83,79 84,85
+ + +
84,85 84,85 84,85
+ + +
86,87 86,87 68
+ + +
93,94 80,81 69,70
+ + +
74 73 77,78
+ + +
10 ? ?

St Ebba's BHS TREC report by Jenny Snowdon

From the Organiser's viewpoint

Well there I was at 5pm on Saturday afternoon, scrabbling around with Hugh Craddock one of my co-organisers putting the finishing touches on the CoP and PTV course at St Ebba's Farm in Epsom, Surrey while at the same time being chased by hordes of eager competitors on their guided course walk with our TD, Joy Taylor.

I had to ask my right hand — also known as Sylvia Down — to go and organise the Welcome to the St Ebba's Social while we finished off.

Meanwhile, the evening's festivities got off to a flying start ably prepared on Friday evening by Renate Konn (the Goulash Conductor), Sylvia Down, Yvonne Lawrence and me (getting in the way) and this night presented by Garry Anstee to whom we owe many thanks for the use of his period Army equipment and Yvonne Lawrence.

By the time I managed to arrive at the Social, I discovered that most of the food had already been devoured (which was a good thing really) so I plodded off to arrange the evening's entertainment which consisted of St Ebba's Sport's Night and St Ebba's Treasure Hunt in the Dark — I discovered later that it is not a good thing to set bearings in the dark!

Verena Tomlinson took charge of the raffle and managed to raise £60 for the Brook Hospital for Animals after which everyone went over to the indoor school for the Sports Evening. Much merriment was had and after six races, there were six teams with two wins each and two teams with one win each, so everything rested on the outcome of the Treasure Hunt in the Dark! Off everyone went, some trying out bearings for the very first time to solve five clues, all of which resulted in a letter, the five letters forming a word. The first team back with the correct word would be the winners.

Well the 1st team back were Les Boys with 'TRCHO' or something like that! The South East TREC ladies arrived back about five seconds later with TORCH. Unfortunately this now meant that we now had three teams with two wins each, so the decision was taken to share the bottle of champagne and tin of Celebrations over coffee and cake — we had Malcolm and Anita Thomas's 10th Wedding Anniversary and Trevor Brown's birthday to celebrate as well.

Early next morning an intrepid team were attempting to shift Garry's cooker over to the BBQ area to start breakfast off. Then we couldn't light the thing! Meanwhile we had an ever growing queue of starving Treccies to feed! The lovely, calm, laid back Stella Milne, Chairperson of the RDA took everything in her stride and eventually everyone got fed.

Meanwhile, Joy and I took the Judges Briefing before the CoP and PTV started on time. My very grateful thanks go to our lovely, fabulous judges who all turned up by 8am and put 81 competitors through their paces.

The CoP was headed by Carol Newman-Wing with Malcolm Thomas at the other end and RDA volunteer Bethany Doyle on a rather wicked bend in the middle.

Our Starter was Lizzy Stevens and the Low Branches were judged by Steve Oakley. The Low Branches led sharply into the Corridor, judged today by Verena Tomlinson before turning left to the Gate judged by Jill Perry who also kindly lent her car to attach to my Trailer.

Then straight onto the Bending looked after by Larissa Zell. A left turn took you to the S Bend judged today by Caroline Holsten and then straight into first jump consisting of fillers and poles. This was judged by Sue Elson. Then over to the dismounted section consisting of Trailer, Immobility and Mount and judged by Bob & Di Cripps. The next obstacle might have been easy to miss, but fortunately no one did. This was a narrow lane built up with straw bales with a dead end. Exit was by way of jumping over a low stile on a slight downhill gradient. This and the next obstacle, Straw Bales were ably judged by Petra Ingram. The Reinback heading for home was judged by RDA volunteer Monica Daniels and then there was the Farmyard, a source of consternation for many. This consisted of a certain Black Wooden Cow with a tinsel necklace and this year sporting very attractive reindeer horns and Christmas baubles, which was invited to St Ebba's from Balanced Horse Feeds at nearby Byhurst Farm, surrounded by my pretty flower windmills! This obstacle was to be completed in walk (in a straight line). There were three lanes, each marked with a different value — 7, 4 & 1. The closer to the obstacle competitors were, the higher the points they achieved plus or minus Style points. This obstacle was judged by Debbie Craddock who says that she very much enjoyed her day, but sadly, few points were earned here!

Zoe White looked after the Tape Gate and Stepping Stones obstacles while Tania Draper judged the Footbridge and Gemma Draper timed the Finish.

My very grateful thanks must go to Jeremy Burrows who called me at the end of last week to offer his help (I never like to turn anyone down). Jeremy liaised with the entire St Ebba's team throughout the day and kept the whole day more or less to time while feeding and watering everyone, deputising for anyone who needed a comfort break and collecting score sheets along with Isabelle and Kashka from the RDA.

Our scorers were Sue Byszewski and Paul Taylor who were most efficient.

Pauline Humphries, the event Secretary, who has given so much of her time to us for this event (not to mention making the cold lemon soufflé) was today assisted by Jill Messer.

Our Map Room ladies were Renate Konn and Sylvia Down. A big thank you to them for all their hard work and efforts.

The BBQ during and after the PTV was supplied by Epsom RDA and manned by Phil Smith and Janice Gleeson.

Annie Benning and her daughter Olivia then arrived to pick up equipment needed for the 2nd venue on Epsom Downs. They were looking after the Equipment Check and what a fab job they did. Between them and Christine Dier, our Starter, everyone was sent out onto the POR on time.

All our judges were early which gave us all a bit of time to have a chat and catch up before heading off to various parts of the countryside.

My thanks got to Peter and Joan Hattersley together with Jane Sanders at Checkpoint 2, The Rubbing House. Mim O'Brien and Karen Dier at Checkpoint 3, Ebbisham Lane. Ali Houslander, Angela Hunt and Elaine Briggs at Checkpoint 4, New Road. Pat and John Cooper at Checkpoint 5, The Blue Ball. Guy Skippon and Trevor Brown at the Vet Check. Hugh Craddock at the manned ticket adjacent to Epsom Lane North, and finally Stella Milne and Monica Daniels at Checkpoint 6, the Final Checkpoint.

Finally I must thank the people who helped clear up. They were Zoe White, David Milne, Malcolm Thomas and Janet Closier.

All in all a great time was had by all, judging by the very many thank you e mails and texts that I'm getting and thank you all for coming. No competitors means no event but even more importantly, no judges also means no event.

Next year's TREC is pencilled in for 13th September. Not sure where yet — it may be St Ebba's, it may be elsewhere — watch this space! Or rather, keep checking the South East web site on www.setrec.org.uk and our own website at www.craddocks.co.uk/trec/.

My next event will be Manor Farm Indoor TREC at Claygate in Surrey on 11th January 2009. I hope to see many of you there.

Kind regards


St Ebba's BHS TREC POR report by Hugh Craddock

This years POR began at a new location: the Tattenham enclosure on Epsom Downs, a short box ride from the PTV venue at St Ebba's RDA, by kind agreement of the Epsom and Walton Downs Conservators. The routes were planned to give everyone the opportunity to have a canter somewhere on Epsom Downs and to make the most of the magnificent views and scenery in the area. This resulted in the orienteering being fairly challenging but no one managed to get lost for too long. Mistakes were quite varied and occurred all around the route but nevertheless the feedback we have received suggests that the vast majority enjoyed the day and many want to come back next year!

On leaving the enclosure, riders were immediately challenged to ride on the grass adjacent to Tattenham Corner Road and Old London Road, where there are no obvious paths. For those who had worked in their horses, a good canter was possible up to Buckle's Gap roundabout. Those who missed the right turn down the hack ride adjacent to Longdown Lane South would have saved ten minutes and cut off the corner, there being no ticket here. For those who got it right, the route continued adjacent to the golf course and past the club house car park and training area, before continuing across Burgh Heath Road past the stables of racing trainer Roger Ingram. A multiplicity of paths awaited here, with a rather dominant cycle route sign to be ignored. Levels 2 and 3 were required to take a short detour down to the top of Rifle Butts Alley to find ticket no.6, and nearly everyone found this (including a few Level 1s, but this was not posted as a bad ticket for Level 1). There followed a crossing of Downs Road and Tattenham Corner Road (again), using the handy pelican crossing facilities for horses (timed to allow for a string of race horses to cross, so leaving motorists waiting long after the riders had crossed), riding under the shadow of the Queen's Stand across the tail end of the great racecourse, and jostling with the motorists desperately trying to find a parking space outside the Rubbing House pub.

A few riders must have been distracted by all the parked vehicles, because one or two rode straight on down Walton Road, and missed checkpoint 2 (the Rubbing House) altogether. Level 3s, however, were routed away to the north of Walton Road initially, riding on the grass 'platform' adjacent to the racecourse right up to Old London Road bridleway, before two right turns brought them back across The Hill (excellent ground for a canter, dodging kites) to enter checkpoint 2 from the opposite direction. From checkpoint 2, Level 1 riders descended the grassy slope to the valley path, before an opportunity for a first class gallop back up towards Walton Road. After crossing the back of the racecourse, they traversed the open grassland triangle south of Old London Road and picked up Walton Road again to drop down Six Mile Hill to checkpoint 3 at the end-on junction with Ebbisham Lane. Level 2 riders picked up the same loop round The Hill which Level 3 riders had completed before the checkpoint, then continuing round the valley towards Langley Vale Road. A ticket (no.5) just before the junction with that road penalised those who took a short cut, and riders continued along a broad sandy track just south of the fibresand gallop, completing a series of zig-zags through the Warren woodlands and picking up Walton Road to checkpoint 3. Some hefty time penalties were picked up on this section, ranging from zero to 33.

Level 3 riders were given a bearings test from checkpoint 2, with some 19 bearings over a distance of 3,340m, taking them round the start of the Epsom Downs racecourse (from where the Derby contenders begin at 1½ miles from the finish), up the long incline south of Downs House inclosure, across the Downs House triangle along an unmarked path, round the Warren woodlands, and continuing down to checkpoint 3 via Walton Road. Time penalties on the bearings section ranged from 2 to 21.

Riders leaving checkpoint 3 continued up Ebbisham Lane (now a no-through road for motor vehicles, in a declining state of repair, and therefore bereft of vehicles) towards Walton-on-the-Hill, before turning left into Sandlands Road and so to Mere Pond.

Here, Level 3s completed a circuit of the Banstead Heath woods east of the pond, before arriving at checkpoint 4 (New Road), where they began a grid references test. There were six grid references, set out across the full extent of Banstead Heath and Colley Hill, taking riders south of the M25. But the going was excellent, with many of the bridlepaths across soft turf: the only roadwork necessary was a couple of short stretches of residential access roads across the common. The best route was estimated at 4,140m, and the answers to the grid references were as follows:

How many green arrows are there here? TQ23715528 2
Find a ticket, number? TQ23225476 9
What can't you do here? TQ24565235 Park in front of the gates (displayed at entrance to water tower)
What number should you call if you find a lost dog? TQ24305490 01737 276605 (displayed on notice board)
In what century were these premises established? TQ23985316 C18 (on fascia of Sportsman pub)
Is there a height barrier at the entrance to this car park? TQ24585274 No
Finish TQ22865525 near the Blue Ball pub

Everyone completed the grid section successfully with two pairs and one individual incurring time penalties. But only one pair and two individuals found ticket no.2 outside the Blue Ball on leaving the checkpoint there. Those who missed it should have ridden to where the bridleway met Deans Lane before turning right alongside the road.

Level 1 and 2 riders turned right at Mere Pond towards the checkpoint 4 at the Blue Ball pub. Many riders failed to notice that the route required them to ride just off Deans Lane, on the grass at the edge of the heath, but to avoid picking up the obvious permissive path which veered further onto the heath: consequently, they failed to pick up the ticket displayed just opposite the Blue Ball pub (no.2), shortly before arriving at the checkpoint.

Level 2s continued round Banstead Heath on a series of public bridleways and permissive paths, crossing Dorking Road and picking up a ticket at an intersection of paths 300m beyond the crossing. A right turn onto the old gallop provided an opportunity for a sustained canter, before continuing past Red Lodge and down to the junction of paths near the exit from the heath onto Chipstead Lane roundabout. Careful route finding was required here, to pick up the more northerly (and less obvious) of two paths, and score a ticket, before riding on grassy tracks past the windmill, back over Dorking Road, and so to the New Road checkpoint.

Level 1s completed a short circuit of Banstead Heath north of the Dorking Road, before riding into New Road checkpoint. Some riders, approaching the check point, failed to notice that the main path headed off the in wrong direction, and were wrong routed in.

All riders left the Heath via The Avenue, turned into Motts Hill Lane, and turned right into bridleway 65 which runs behind Downs Way towards Juniper Hill. At the southern end of Juniper Hill, Level 1s continued on the most easterly of the three horse rides (technically, this is not bridleway 65, which can no longer be followed), while Levels 2 and 3 picked up the less obvious centre horse ride which bisects Juniper Hill heading north-north-west, emerging onto the hard track which runs along the bottom of Six Mile Hill. There was a ticket (no.1) on this path for Levels 2 and 3, but some Level 1 riders came this way too, and scored a bad ticket.

All riders had to turn right here, but could have opted to ride on the better going on the sand track. If they did so, however, Levels 2 and 3 were very likely to fail to notice that bridleway 65, rather than continuing along the hard track and parallel to the sand track, cuts across the bottom of the Six Mile Hill training gallops, with an excellent opportunity for a fast pace towards the manned ticket adjacent to Epsom Lane North. Only one rider managed to score the manned ticket: several other riders discerned that they should be on the north side of the all weather track, but having crossed that track, their courage deserted them, and they stuck close to it all the way to Epsom Lane North, so wrong routing towards the ticket. Level 1s had the less challenging task of remaining on the hard track.

Riders arrived at the final checkpoint near the milepost car park, after crossing the back of the racecourse, and continued back to the car park along bridleway 65.


Competition enquiries to Jenny Snowdon, tel: 07958 407594 email: jenny.snowdon@btopenworld.com

Enquiries about this page to Hugh Craddock, email: TREC@craddocks.co.uk

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